FAMUS thoracic module

The thoracic module aims to teach competence in the diagnosis of acute respiratory failure, and also in guiding pleural procedures. The table below outlines the minimum training times and core procedures that candidates are expected to achieve:

Supervised scans (minimum)

10 scans (20 lungs)

Mentored scans (indicative minimum)

30 scans (60 lungs)

Indicative minimum training time

6 months from 1st supervised scan

Core pathologies to be achieved

  • Increased lung water ( ≈ pulmonary oedema)
  • Consolidated lung ( +- ‘shred sign’)
  • Pleural effusion (including site marked for drainage)
  • Rule out pneumothorax

For more detail on the theory of thoracic ultrasound, including images and teaching videos please see famus.org.uk.