FAMUS theory module

The theory component of FAMUS accreditation involves two parts:

  • Completion of the FAMUS e-learning package and assessment, available via eLFH
  • Attendance at a FAMUS approved course

It is recommended the e-learning module be completed at the beginning of the accreditation process, and on completion a certificate will be issued to form part of your training record. The e-learning module requires free registration with e-learning for healthcare.

Further details of FAMUS approved courses and how to apply are found here.

Details of the theory curriculum which candidates need to demonstrate competence in by the end of FAMUS accreditation can be found in appendix 1 of the curriculum pack.

For web-based learning resources alongside the e-learning module, including a cine library and in depth theory explanation, please see the Modules section of the associated famus.org.uk website