FAMUS - How to accredit

FAMUS accreditation follows a modular approach, with each practical module having its own curriculum pack and indicative training requirements. Please see the links below to access information about each individual module.

In order to begin the accreditation process you must first register with the FAMUS administrator. In order to do this, you must submit an application form (below) alongside your payment of £40 SAM members / £80 non-SAM members per module to cover the administration costs of the process.

It is recommended that prior to registering for FAMUS you identify a supervisor who can oversee your training in each module you intend to undertake – details of supervisors are available here.

Payment may be made by cheque (made payable to ‘Society for Acute Medicine’), PayPal (no account required – you will be invoiced direct to your e-mail address upon application) or BACS transfer (account details available direct from the administrator). Any queries around payment can be directed to the FAMUS administrator.

You will receive an e-mail confirming your registration once your payment has been received.

The curriculum packs available on the individual module pages outline in detail the training pathway for that module. Once registered with the FAMUS administrator, the next step is usually to enrol on a FAMUS approved course – details available here. FAMUS course attendance is not currently mandatory, although remains strongly recommended to provide a solid foundation to your accreditation journey. We recommend attending your course within 3 months of your first supervised scan.

In order to accredit in any module(s), you must have passed the e-LFH FAMUS module assessment (free for nhs staff, available via eintegrity for international users).

Once all elements of the training pathway have been completed and signed off by your Supervisor, the candidate must submit the Assessment of Completion of training to the FAMUS administrator, who will acknowledge receipt and confirm FAMUS accreditation in the respective module(s).

Once accredited, candidates must demonstrate ongoing regular ultrasound practice in order to maintain the skills learned during accreditation. This will require confirmation every 3 years of ongoing regular scanning - an anonymised logbook is available here if required (FAMUS logbook available to download). Accreditation will lapse after 3 years if ongoing regular scanning / teaching experience cannot be demonstrated.

    Focused Acute Medicine Ultrasound (FAMUS) candidate registration

    Personal Details

    It is recommended that you locate a supervisor prior to registration.

    Modules to register for:


    Registration costs £40 for SAM members, £80 for non-members per module. Payments can be made via cheque (please make cheques payable to ‘Society for Acute Medicine’). You can also make payment via PayPal (please note you do not need to have a PayPal account in order to do this). Please make sure your email address is correct above in order for us to send you the PayPal invoice.

    £40 (SAM members)£80 (non-members)

    £80 (SAM members)£160 (non-members)

    £120 (SAM members)£240 (non-members)

    Payment Method

    Please select your payment method. If you select PayPal, we will send you a PayPal invoice within 24 h of receipt of your registration. Please note you do not need to have a PayPal account in order to use this payment method. Please make cheques payable to ‘Society for Acute Medicine’ and post them to Society for Acute Medicine, 9 Queen Street, Edinburgh EH2 1JQ. Please write your name and FAMUS on the back of the cheque.

    ChequePlease invoice via PayPalPlease contact me with BACS details

    Curriculum pack

    Please confirm that you have downloaded and understood the requirements of the FAMUS curriculum pack(s) (available from www.acutemedicine.org.uk/famus/) and note the registration fee is non-refundable. Once processed you will receive confirmation of your registration and be entered into the FAMUS database where your personal details will be held by the Society of Acute Medicine for the purposes of administering the accreditation.

    I understand the above and have read and understood the FAMUS curriculum pack

    SAM-Butterfly National Cloud

    The Society for Acute Medicine and FAMUS team have worked with Butterfly Network to develop a national training platform to help people undertaking FAMUS training achieve their competencies. This is the first collaboration of its kind in the world and it is hoped will remove some barriers to achieving FAMUS competence for all interested clinicians. This cloud will be free to access for FAMUS registrants and SAM members and will allow those in possession of a Butterfly device to register, upload training scans with reports, and link with local Supervisors to have those scans reviewed. The user can generate training logs, QA reports and receive feedback on training scans if a local mentor or Supervisor is not available.

    Please check this box if you would like to be added for access to the SAM-Butterfly National Cloud

    Data Protection

    Your registration details will be stored on a database by Eventage Ltd on behalf of the Society for Acute Medicine (SAM) in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and accessed only by administrative staff working on behalf of SAM for the purposes of administering your accreditation. SAM may, from time to time, send you communications relating to your accreditation.