Nursing at the Society of Acute Medicine is represented by Elaine Clarke (ACP) and Tash Kelly (Nursing) who are SAM council Members.

The aim for the next 3 years for Nursing:


To Support

Committed to supporting workforce re-design to ensure appropriate guidance is available to shape Acute Medical Units across the country. This includes revising the toolkits to reflect the workload and acuity that Acute Medical Units are faced with using data analysis.


To Grow

The Nursing workforce is the largest body working in Acute Medicine however this is not reflected in the SAM membership. We are looking to strengthen and expand this membership ensuring that core Acute Medical Nurses are well represented. 


To Develop

Revise competencies to better reflect current Acute Medical complexities.


To Share

To join up regional based forums through online meetings to allow knowledge and expertise to be shared more widely across the country. We know there is great work out there, we need to share it. 

We want to hear from you. Please get in touch, we are responding to many enquiries from interest in Acute Medicine competencies to help in developing a safe and effective workforce that meets the unique demands of Acute Medicine.