Advanced Clinical Practitioners

The Society for Acute Medicine (SAM) is the national representative body for staff caring for medical patients in the acute hospital setting.

A key principle of the Society from its inception has been the recognition of the importance of the multidisciplinary team (MDT) in the AMU. The SAM council includes nursing and pharmacy representatives along with newer disciplines such as Advanced Clinical Practitioner and Physicians Assistants. The Society actively encourages participation from all members of the MDT

What sets SAM apart from other Society’s is the MDT aspect, low costing, great networking and cutting edge research.

With ever changing workforce redesign and a drive in flow and process efficiency in Acute Medicine there is now advanced practice roles. These range from Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Advanced Physios, Pharmacists doing clinical examination and running clinics and ACP roles within frailty teams to give an example of a few.

The Society of Acute Medicine aim to represent and benefit this group of clinicians by:

  1. National recruitment strategy to allow representation at strategic level
  2. Sharing an expert knowledge base with members via website, journal and conferencing
  3. Help members actively participate in poster presentation
  4. Provide a platform to network with other ACPs and share knowledge and good practice
  5. Social Media profile
  6. Work in partnership with National Governing Bodies, Educational Institutions, and Royal Colleges in developing a UK wide Acute Medicine curriculum
  7. Develop ACP training with access to FAMUS


Stay on top of the most cutting-edge acute medical research, discuss challenges and triumphs with colleagues, and influence the future of this exciting young speciality.

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