Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellows

Since 2010, the Society for Acute Medicine has awarded Honorary Life Fellowships to individuals in recognition of their significant contributions to the development of Acute Medicine; these awards have been made at our autumn conferences and recipients are listed below.


Dr Cliff Mann OBE, past President of RCEM, Consultant Emergency Medicine, Somerset

Dr Alistair Douglas, past President of SAM, Consultant Acute Medicine


Dr Chris Roseveare, past President of SAM, Consultant Acute Medicine, Wessex

Dr Mike Jones, past President of SAM, Consultant Physician, Durham


Dr Philip Dyer, past President of SAM, Acute Physician, Birmingham


Dr Tanseem Raza,  Founding Member and Acute Physician, Bournemouth

Dr Alasdair MacDonald, Acute Physician, Royal Australian College of Physicians


Prof Anthony Nicholls, Consultant Physician, Exeter


Dr Alistair Dorward, Physician Acute and Respiratory Medicine

Ms Liz Lees-Deutsch, Nurse Consultant and previous SAM Council Nursing Representative


Professor Paul Jenkins, Past President of SAM


Dr Bernard Silke, Past Dean of Higher Medical Training at the RCPI


Professor Derek Bell,  President, Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh and Past President of SAM

Professor Sir Ian Gilmore, past President of the Royal College of Physicians and President of the British Society of Gastroenterology


Rhid Dowdle, OBE, Founding Member and past President of SAM

Dr Elizabeth Myers, Acute Nurse Consultant  and past Nursing Representative of SAM


Major General George Cowan


Dame Carol Black, past President of the Royal College of Physicians, London

Professor Sir George Alberti, Professor and Dean of Medicine at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne and past-President of the Royal College of Physicians.