SAM SitRep

SAM SitRep

The SAM SitRep (Situation Report) helps us evaluate the demand that acute medicine service are facing nationally.

Although some measures of pressure and demand are reported through NHS systems nationally, these often don’t include those that are specific and important to acute medicine, including Same Day Emergency Care.

The SitRep program aims to collect targeted measures over a short time frame.

Current Round

In some hospitals, SDEC areas are used as a bedded area in times of increased pressure. To help us understand how common this problem is, and evaluate the service acute medicine is currently providing nationally,  we would like you to let us know whether your SDEC has been used as a bedded area overnight.

Taking Part

Please ensure that you discuss with your department that you are taking part in this service evaluation. If local registration for service evaluation is required, you should find all the information needed on this page. If you have further questions, contact

This service evaluation does not require access to identifiable patient data.

Only one person at each hospital should submit information to the SitRep.

We ask that you provide your SAMBA unit site code so we can remove any duplicates, but we will not be identifying any sites when we report the SitRep findings. If you do not know your SAMBA site code, please contact

The SitRep questionnaire is hosted in RedCap. Access to the data recorded as part of the SitRep is available only to named individuals. Data will be stored with SAM’s SAMBA data; details on storage can be found in the protocol for SAMBA23, available here

If you have taken part in the SitRep, but wish your data to be removed, please contact

Any queries about the findings of the SitRep or the requests for data access should be sent initially to and will then be directed to the appropriate person.