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We strongly encourage trainees to get involved in the development of Acute Medicine and the work that SAM does; active engagement from trainees can only make the speciality stronger. Here are some of the ways you can do this.

Trainee Representatives

There are two trainee representatives on the SAM Council. These trainee representatives also sit on the Acute Medicine SAC by default, though this might change in the future. The remit of the post is described in the Trainee Representative Job Description. The posts last for two years. One representative has their appointment confirmed at the Spring Meeting and the second is appointed six months later at the International Meeting. Trainee representatives are elected by the SAM members. When the time comes for a new representative to be appointed SAM members are emailed, calling for candidates. Each candidate must be seconded by one other SAM member. Nominees are then asked to write a short paragraph about why they would be best to fill the post. These pitches are then collated and emailed to all SAM members to use as the basis for their voting.
Currently the trainee representatives are:
Damian Dooey
Kelham Slinger

Working on a Subcommittee

Periodically the SAM members are asked if they wish to help on one of the council subcommittees. Some of these posts need a consultant to fill them but many roles would be ably filled by trainee members and we very much encourage their involvement.

Speaking at SAM Conferences

We encourage the active involvement of trainees in SAM conferences, especially during the trainee sessions. If you have an idea for a talk or, even better, if you would like to give a talk please contact one of the trainee representatives. The trainee newsletters and the training-related pages on this website will always benefit from contributions from trainees. If you have something you would like to write about (related to Acute Medicine) then please contact one of the trainee representatives.