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Specialist Skills

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Specialist Skills:

All trainees in AIM must develop a specialist skill. These generally fall into one of five categories:

• Dual CCT (e. with Intensive Care Medicine)
• Procedural skill (eg: echocardiography)
• Other (eg: medical education)
• Speciality interest (eg: intensive care medicine)
• Research

The complete list of specialist skills with links to further information can be found here.

Trainees wishing to apply for a skill which is not on the list should contact Felicity Stuart, the AIM SAC Committee Manager. Please be aware that in recent years to both streamline the process and make them more equitable the SAC has removed some trainee-led additions and been more scrupulous on what degree of qualification and experience would be deemed suitable to achieve specialist skill status.

Following transition to the new 2022 curriculum Point of Care Ultrasound (POCUS) will no longer be on the specialist skill list as it will be a mandatory requirement for all trainees. However those who are remaining on the old curriculum and have clearly documented this as their specialist skill in the portfolio and with their TPD may still count this.