Organising your own CPD approved regional meetings

SAM understands the importance of close collaboration between Acute Medical Units across the UK, but also within local regions. For this reason, we are keen to encourage regional CPD meetings where units can foster working relationships, share best practice and develop care pathways that suit local populations.

In order to facilitate this, the Society will reimburse successful CPD application fees for regional meetings organised for Acute Medicine teams.

It is hoped this will reduce the barriers to establishing these meetings and encourage their development. The following guidance must be followed:

  • The events must be free for delegates to attend, and be non-commercial as per the CPD guidance
  • The event must be organised and run for an Acute Medical audience, with MDT involvement encouraged, and encompass the aims set out in the first paragraph
  • Each region may apply for up to two events per calendar year. In order to facilitate administration, regions will be considered as per postgraduate medical training. Where there may be joint regional meetings (for example across London) the Society will use its discretion as to the number supported per year.

It is important to note that SAM is not endorsing or ‘badging’ these meetings as SAM events – the quality assurance remains with the Federation of Royal Colleges and their CPD approval process. The Society therefore does not need to approve the programme ahead of time as long as this guidance is followed, since the CPD process will ensure the educational validity of the event.

The CPD application fee must be paid at the time of application by the event organiser, who should then contact the SAM administrator ( for an expenses form to claim reimbursement. This will be forwarded to the Treasurer and paid as soon as possible. For any queries, please contact the SAM administrator

The Society will keep this process under regular review and reserves the right to alter the eligibility criteria at short notice if required.