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SAMontheTYNE Posters

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Audit & Quality Improvement Posters

AQI 01: A Closed Loop Audit on Transforming Clinical Guidelines at Dudley Group NHS FT

AQI 03: Assessing and Improving the Quality of Fluid Balance Charts in Medical Wards at a Tertiary Care Hospital in London

AQI 11: Identifying and Improving Delays in Processing ‘To Take Out’ (TTO) Medications

AQI 17: Intravenous Iron Infusions on AMU – Are They Being Used Appropriately?

AQI 19: Management of Homeless Patients in Hospital

AQI 22: Patient flow through the AMU: A Quality Improvement Journey

AQI 23: Point of Care Ultrasound in Acute Kidney Injury: Rapidly and Reliably Images at the Point of Admission

AQI 24: Reducing Malignant Ascites Admissions to Ambulatory Care Using Indwelling Peritoneal Catheters

AQI 25: Risk Stratification in Neutropenic Sepsis using the MASCC Score: Can Patients be Discharged Earlier?


Case Report Posters

CR 01: A Case of Paraneoplastic Brainstem Encephalitis Associated with Non-Cutaneous Merkel Cell Carcinoma

CR 03: CRPS Presenting on the AMU: An Under-recognised Cause of Limb Swelling

CR 04: Gitelman Syndrome with Resistant Symptomatic Hypokalaemia Persisting Post Miscarriage

CR 05: I Smell a Rat

CR 06: Interpretation of INR with Rivaroxaban in the Context of Acute Liver Failure Due to Hepatitis A

CR 08: Pseudoangioedema – An Important Presentation to Recognise

CR 09: Pseudohamoptysis – An Uncommon Presentation of a Common Symptom

CR 11: Surviving the Un-survivable


Education Posters

E 01: SAM: A Thematic Analysis

E 02: A Chronological Review of Simulation Training for Medical Trainees Across the Norther Deanery

E 04: Acute Simulation for Foundation Doctors: Is it Worth the Effort?

E 07: Communicating Confidence:  Peer Led Small Group Teaching to Improve Confidence in Approaching the MRCP PACES Communication and History Taking Skills Stations

E 08: Improving Education Via the Acute Medicine (AIM) Team; A Pan Medical and Multidisciplinary Approach

E 11: Delirious Tea Trolley Teaching!

E 12: Registrar Readiness – What Does our Medical Admissions Unit Have to Offer?


Research Posters

R 02: Early Warning Scores: A comparison of the National Early Warning Score and a Mono-Parametric Early Warning Score in a UK Hospital

R 03: Feasibility Study of Ambulatory Care for Adult Patients (AMBUCAP) Admitted to the Medical Wards of a Tertiary Referral Hospital in Botswana

R 07: Streamlining Inter-Hospital Communicate by Reducing Avoidable Switchboard Delays

R 08: The Diagnostic Accuracy of Sepsis Scores, and Clinical Bedside Judgement (CBJ) in Sepsis in the ED Using an Expert Panel Reference

R 11: Validation Study of Age-Adjusted D-Dimer Cutoff Levels to Exclude Venous Thromboembolic Disease


Service Organisation & Design Posters

SOD 03: Audit to Assess the Use of the Royal London Hospital (RLH) Ambulatory Care (AC) Service in Providing Admission Avoidance and Supportive Discharge to Patients

SOD 05: Development of an Ambulatory Care Pathway for Hyperglycaemia

SOD 06: Empowering the AMU to Transform End of Life Care

SOD 09: Improving the Care of In-patients with Acute Kidney Injury in an Acute Hospital

SOD 11: Paramedic Direct Referrals to Senior Clinician: Is this the Way Forward? A Pilot Project in Acute Medicine and Ambulatory Care at the John Radcliffe Hospital

SOD 12: Reducing Delays in the Discharge Process on an AMU

SOD 13: Surgical and Medical Acute Recovery Team (SMART) – A Collaborative Approach with the Community Enabling Patients to Receive Hospital Treatments in the Community

SOD 14: The Cold Truth about ‘Winter Pressure’ in a District General Hospital. A Retrospective Analysis of Mortality by Month of Admission to an AMU

SOD 17: The Specialist Physiotherapist in Ambulatory Emergency Care: Developing a Frailty Pathway in the Ambulatory Unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

SOD 18: The Weekend is a Weak-End for a District General Hospital. A Retrospective Analysis of Mortality by Day of Admission to an AMU

SOD 20: When WILL the Doctor See You?

SOD 21: Winter Pressures: A Novel Approach to a Well-Known Problem

SOD 22: The CPSP (College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan) Scholarship Program and The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust – A Symbiotic Relationship

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