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Audit & Quality Improvement Posters 

AQI 06: An educational intervention to improve confidence of acute medical team in using liver cirrhosis bundle in the management of decompensated liver disease

A&QI 11: Characterising the population at risk of acute kidney injury and developing a risk assessment process targeted at modifiable risk factors

A&QI 14: Decompensated cirrhosis care bundle

AQI 17:  ECG operator errors & artefacts

A&QI 22: Foundation Year 1 Acute Medicine Experience Quality Improvement project

AQI 23: Gotta Prescribe ‘em All: Quality Improvement Project On Medication Omissions in the Emergency Department

AQI 25: Implementing, Embedding, and Driving the Medication Safety Agenda for ‘Medication without Harm’

A&QI 26: Improved patient safety, a mouse-click away – Transformation of “Medical Take Lists” from paper to electronic

A&QI 27: Improving AMU to Speciality Handover QI

AQI 30: Improving documentation of ECGs in Electronic Health Record Systems on the Acute Medical Take – A Quality Improvement Project

AQI 36:  Integrating Physical Activity Documentation into the Acute Medical Take

A&QI 38: Is ReSPECT more than a DNACPR form in the Respiratory Department?

A&QI 39: Management of New Onset AF Presenting to the Acute Medical Unit

A&QI 41: Moving towards Medical Subspecialty Take – a Quality Improvement Project

AQI 42: National Audit of Meningitis Management (NAMM): Results from a West Midlands trust

AQI 44: Optimising Arterial and Venous Blood Gas Practice and Interpretation on an Acute Medical Unit

A&QI 45: Point of care testing in ambulatory emergency care in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital King’s Lyn

AQI 46: Reducing length of stay for patients attending an ambulatory emergency care cellulitis clinic: A quality improvement project

A&QI 47: Reducing medication errors on admission to the acute care unit

A&QI 49: Review of patients with chest pains suspected to be cardiac in origin and application of HEART score in AEC

A&QI 51 : Sepsis grab-bag: to aid compliance and improve sepsis management within the golden hour

A&QI 53: Start Smart – then Focus – Are we meeting the targets?

AQI 55: The function of computerised tomography head scans in the assessment of patients who present with drug overdose and a low Glasgow Coma Scale

A&QI 56: The impact of multi-disciplinary action on smoking cessation in the acute medical unit at UCLH

AQI 57: The introduction of telemetry guidelines improves appropriate usage

AQI 58: The Stethoscope – An important medical device or a “Trojan” A Quality Improvement Project from An Infection Control Perspective

A&QI 61: The Utilisation of Age Related D-dimer Measurement in a Clinical Decisions Unit

AQI 62: Use of Lumbar Puncture in Suspected Subarachnoid Haemorrhage


Case Report Posters

CR 02: A complicated clot

CR 03: A Hiccup in Diagnosis

CR 04: A Soldier’s Twist of Fate

CR 06: An Atypical Presentation of Guillain-Barre Syndrome masquerading as Acute Stroke in an Acute Medical Admission Unit

CR 07: An unusual case of intermittent dysphagia

CR 08: An Unusual Case of SLE: Pericardial Effusion as Initial Manifestation of the Disease

CR 12: Case Report: Rare lumbar puncture complication – Spinal haematoma causing cord compression

CR 18: D-dimer: Opening Pandora’s Box

CR 20: Hepatitis with Rashes

CR 23: Malignancy or not? A rare case of brown tumors

CR 26: Mystery Anaemia, cANCA vasculitis; Listen to the heartbeat?

CR 29: Rare cause of hypokalemia

CR 30: Re Expansion Pulmonary Oedema – A Clinical Perspective

CR 33: Severe Meningococcal Septicaemia Presenting with DIC and Purpura Fulminans WITHOUT meningitis

CR 35: Spinal shock and flaccid paralysis caused by Streptococcus intermedius

CR 39: The need for re-assessment in acute care

CR 40: Unexplained fatal hypoxia in a previously healthy lady…Acute interstitial pneumonitis and the potential role of vitamin D deficiency.

CR 41: Unexplained Venous Sinus Thrombosis in a 16 year old female – A Clinical Conundrum

CR 42: Unilateral Pulmonary Edema – A poorly recognised radiological finding often misdiagnosed and treated as pneumonia


Education Posters

E 13: takeAIM impact on Acute Medicine recruitment


Research Posters

R 01: A questionnaire survey on causes of medication administration errors as perceived by nurses working in medical and surgical admission wards


Service Organisation & Design Posters

SOD 10: Improving AMU patient transfer system

SO&D 13: Point of care influenza diagnosis in medical assessment unit

SO&D 16: Understanding the role of Acute Medicine Advanced Care Practitioners (ACPs) in Sepsis Mortality improvement using Complex Adaptive System (CAS) thinking

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