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SAMBournemouth Posters

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Audit & Quality Improvement Posters

AQI 01: 4 Question Test (4QT) to Predict Dysphagia in Frail Patients on Admission

AQI 03: A comprehensive service evaluation and quality improvement project looking at the use of lumbar puncture (LP) in our Ambulatory

A&QI 05: A Multi-faceted Approach to Improving the Door to Needle Time for Neutropenic Sepsis in a District General Hospital

AQI 09: A&E – What a headache

AQI 10: Ambulatory Care unit QIP in a district general hospital. Are we utilising ambulatory care unit effectively?

A&QI 12: An evaluation of the efficacy of the “intra-take” ward round on the Acute Medical Unit at West Middlesex University Hospital

AQI 13: An evaluation of the function of our Medical Short-Stay Unit (MSSU) and validation of the ability of the MSSU score to identify patients

A&QI 15: Assessing the common diagnostic tools in Subarachnoid Haemorrhage

AQI 21: Cancer patients’ admission in a newly established ambulatory emergency unit

AQI 23: Correctness of diagnosis and Management of urinary tract infection at Whipps Cross Hospital

A&QI 24: Cross departmental study investigating recording of patients’ weight prior to prescription of weight-based drugs: acute assessment units vs wards

AQI 25: Delayed patient’s length of stay; results from the London Day of Care Survey (DoCS)

A&QI 26: Developing a new pathway for patients with suspected DVT: Providing a more streamlined route from Primary Care to Acute Medicine

A&QI 27: Development of a patient information leaflet to improve care of patients with deep vein thromboses

AQI 29: Does a Specialist Early Therapy Assessment decrease length of stay for frail patients attending the Emergency Department

A&QI 31: Electronic Do Not Attempt Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR): Too Far? An evaluation of practice within Gerontology, King’s College Hospital, London

AQI 36: High Flow Oxygen Therapy in ICU or in the wards?

A&QI 40: Impact of rapid influenza testing on antimicrobial utilisation

AQI 46: Improving escalation of care decision making on the acute medical take

AQI 47: Improving Medical Handover at Addenbrookes Hospital

AQI 48: Improving Medical Handover at Fairfield General Hospital: a Quality Improvement Project

AQI 49: Improving Patient Experience: patient understanding of their care on the AMU

AQI 50: Improving the uptake of HIV testing for clinical indicator conditions in the Acute Medical Assessment Unit in Cork University Hospital

A&QI 53: Introducing Safety Huddles into an Acute Medical Unit

A&QI 54: Introduction of TLoc Bundle

AQI 55: Investigating associations between Frailty, Therapy Complexity and therapy time

AQI 59: Pan-London Day of Care survey: common reasons for in-hospital delays

AQI 63: Reducing errors in blood test ordering

A&QI 66: Rethinking Patient Referral: Findings from a GP-to-Acute Medicine Referral/ Audit

AQI 71: The Appropriateness of Use of Prothrombin Complex Concentrate in a Large Tertiary Centre

AQI 78: Urine sampling – choosing the right bottle: a quality improvement project

A&QI 79: Use of an electronic toolkit in improving care of patients with decompensated liver cirrhosis

AQI 80: Using National Early Warning Scores to Predict Length of Stay and Appropriate Use of Short Stay Medical Teams

A&QI 81: Using qualitative methodology to progress a stalled quality improvement project to implement “single clerking” in a small district general hospital

Case Report Posters

CR 04: A rare diagnosis presenting as a posterior circulation stroke

CR 07: An Atypical Case of Miller Fisher Syndrome in a Young Man: A Neurological Dilemma

CR 09: An Unusual Cause for Hypokalemia

CR 10: Breastfeeding almost killed me – A case of lactation anaphylaxis

CR 14: Crowned dens syndrome: an unusual cause of fever and neck stiffness

CR 16: E-thrombosis: A (thought) provoking case of DVT?

CR 17: Enterovirus encephalitis presenting with acute psychosis

CR 19:  Great minds think alike: a complex acute neurological presentation of Multiple Sclerosis mimicking cerebral metastases

CR 20: If you hear hooves think horses… but occasionally it will be a zebra

CR 21: In Mondor where the thrombus lies: An unusual case of thrombophlebitis of the thoracoepigastric vein

CR 32: Symmetrical peripheral gangrene – a VERY rare presentation of Plasmodium Falciparum Malaria

CR 35: The Combined Oral Contraceptive Pill: A Rare Trigger for Acute Kidney Injury

Education Posters

E02:  Asked to SIM patient – a pilot simulation programme to improve the confidence at the new FY1 on call

E 09: Multidisciplinary Simulation Training Experience for Acute Diabetes and Endocrine Emergencies

E 11: Preparing to be the Medical Registrar On-call: Core-Medical Trainee (CMT) Simulation Program

E14: Surviving Nights – Benefits of near-peer teaching for new FY1 doctors

Research Posters

R11: Feasibility of measuring Resilience and explanatory variables in Acute Medical admissions

R 13: Is a wait in the Emergency Department (ED) associated with an increased Length of Stay (LOS)?

R15: Procalcitonin use in the presence of ambiguous physiological parameters: a help or a hindrance?

R 16: The challenge of prognostication and making ceilings of care decisions

R 18: The Spectrum, Assessment, and Diagnosis of Neurovascular Ophthalmic Presentations Referred to the Acute Medical Unit in Cork University Hospital

Service Organisation & Design Posters

SOD 01: Ambulatory management of acute pulmonary embolism at Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

SOD 04: Developing and Enhanced Care Unit on the AMU

SOD 07: Impact of the integration of a pharmacist into the acute medical clerking team

SOD 11: Nurse-led screening of acute medical admissions: right-siting and readmissions

SOD 15: Staff Engagement on the Acute Medical Unit

SOD 16: Talking the Language of Frailty from the Front Door

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