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Acute medicine is one of the newest medical specialities and this presents unique opportunities for new, original and forward-thinking research. The nature of Acute medicine invites research not only in the identification, diagnosis and treatment of the acutely unwell medical patient, but in patient safety, quality improvement, service delivery and organisation and education.

The Research Committee is integral to the Society’s mission, through the facilitation and co-ordination of collaborative research and the collection of data relevant to acute patient care. The Research Committee also supports the development of evidence-based standards for acute care.

SAM supports research in a number of different ways:

  • Research done directly through the Research Committee
  • Research done in conjunction with other bodies, including the Royal Colleges.
  • Representation on national bodies involved in the funding and regulation of research
  • Providing opportunities for the presentation and publication of research
  • Providing opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing

Major achievements have so far included:

  • Setting clinical standards for Acute Medical care
  • Supporting the development of the National Early Warning Score
  • Advocating for the introduction of longer periods of shadowing and induction of junior doctors
  • Understanding the educational needs of AMU nurses
  • Understanding the complexity and needs of acute medical patients

Current Projects:

  • Society for Acute Medicine Benchmarking Audit (SAMBA)
  • Variability in care of patients with suspected pulmonary embolism
  • Improving care for young adults and adolescent patients
  • Investigating the appropriateness of tools for estimating nursing workload in the acute setting

How to Get Involved:

  • Join up for SAMBA 2016
  • Get involved in the Acute Medicine Awareness Week
  • Become a member of the Research Group
  • Meetings of the Research Group are open to all members of SAM. For more details, contact Louella Vaughan via

Past research/work supported by SAM:

Other Research


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