Past, Present, Future: Tuesday Presentations


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Sunrise Sessions

S1: Practical Hints for Improvement of Quality Culture, Dr Melody Siska

S3: Acute Medicine: An International Perspective of Acute Care Systems:

Going Dutch, Dr Prabath Nanayakkara

Going Down Under, Dr Alasdair MacDonald

S4: Future Hospital Update, Dr Mark Temple & Dr Roger Duckitt

S5: What does the Future Hold? Exploring Three Horizons of Medicine, Dr Margaret Hannah

S6: Focused Acute Medicine Ultrasound: An Update:

Dr Nick Smallwood

Dr Alastair Gilmore

Plenary 3: Hands On Education

Prof Abraham Verghese

Plenary 4: Patients as Co-Authors of Care

Sally Magnusson

Simon Denegri

Parallel Session 4.1: Renal Medicine

History, Dr Robin Winney

Current Management, Dr Roger Greenwood

Parallel Session 5.1: Neurology – A Clinical Update

Headache, Dr Richard Davenport

Weakness, Dr Geraint Fuller

Epilepsy, Dr John Paul Leach

Parallel Session 6.1: Caring for the Older Patient

Frailty, Dr Simon Conroy

OPAL, Dr Lauren Wentworth

Dare to do No Harm – Polypharmacy & The Elderly, Dr Martin Wilson

Parallel Session 4.2: Maternal Medicine

Past: Overview, Prof James Walker

Present: MBBRACE UK, Prof Marian Knight

Global Health, Prof Siladitya Bhattacharya

Zika Virus Update, Dr James Whitehorn

Parallel Session 5.2: Acute Medicine: Stepping Forward

SAM Scotland, Dr Dan Beckett

Structures in AMUs – Quantitative & Qualitative, Dr Lindsay Reid & Dr Rosalind Rae

What Efficiencies? Prof Derek Bell

Parallel Session 6.2: What’s on the Horizon?

Precision Medicine, Prof Sir Munir Pirmohamed

Bioengineering of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells, Dr Alan Faulkner-Jones

Parallel Session 4.3: Clinical Medicine Back to the Future

Does the Physical Examination have a Future? Prof Andrew Elder

Diagnostic Reasoning, Dr David Nicholl

Medical Misdiagnosis, Dr Gordon Caldwell

Parallel Session 5.3: Thromboembolism – A Difficult Problem

History, Prof Mark Kramer

Current Management, Prof PM Mannucci

Parallel Session 6.3: The Different Faces of Substance Abuse

History of Substance Abuse, Prof James Mills

Legal Highs, Dr James Dear

Current Trends in Drug Misuse, Prof Roy Robertson

Parallel Session 4.4: Pharmacogenetics in Clinical Practice

Pharmacogenetic Variation – Is it important for Clinical Care? Prof Sir Munir Pirmohamed

Parallel Session 5.4: Liver Disease

ALD: A Long & Winding Road, Dr Alasdair MacGilchrist

NAFLD: A New Epidemic, Prof Chris Daly

Treatment Horizons, Prof Peter Hayes

Parallel Session 6.4: Optimal Use of IT in Medicine

Job Done: A Reflection from 2020 on Technology Enabled Care, Prof James Ferguson

Managing Long Term Conditions, Prof George Crooks

Parallel Session 4.5: Endocrinology

History, Prof John Bevan

Current Management, Prof Peter Trainer

Future Issues, Prof Jonathan Seckl

Parallel Session 5.5: Transitional Medicine – Are We Listening?

Patient’s Perspective, Dani Cochrane

Nursing Perspective, Luhanga Musumadi

How to Run a Transitional Service: Lessons from a Renal Clinic, Dr Constantina Chrysochou

Parallel Session 6.5: Sustaining Change in Healthcare – A Global Challenge

Leading a Quality Organisation, Dr Melody Siska

Improving Quality – Everyone’s Job, Dr Brian Robson

Parallel Session 4.6: Scottish Intensive Care Society – Evolution of Intensive Care

Making Better Decisions for the Patient, Dr Martin Hughes

Respiratory Support: Past, Present & Future, Prof Nigel Webster

Parallel Session 5.6: Scottish Intensive Care Society – Improving Intensive Care

Present: Scottish Patient Safety Programme, Dr Ross Paterson

Training & Education, Dr Mike Gillies

Parallel Session 6.6: Scottish Intensive Care Society – The Future

End of Life Care, Dr Graham Nimmo

Parallel Session 4.8: Nurses Education in the AMU

Competency & Skill Analysis, Miriam Bell

Developing Roles, Skills & Competencies of Nurses in Irish AMU, Avilene Casey

Dorset Accreditation Process with Bournemouth University, Dr S Lobo

Developing a Research Culture, Dr Louella Vaughan

Parallel Session 5.8: Nurses Advanced Roles in the AMU

Role of the ACP, Sarah Henry

A Patient’s Story: Qualitative Evidence for the Role of ANP, Kate Knowles

An Exploration of Hospital-based Advanced Nursing Roles in Wales, Augusta Umughele

National Survey of ANP/ACP Roles & Responsibilities, Naomi Morrison & Dian Huyton

Parallel Session 6.8: Nurses – Acute Medicine: The Future

The Future is Looking Bright, Dr Mark Holland

Benefit of AMU Forums, Kelly Tash

NHS England Acute Medical Model Network, Ian Setchfield

Parallel Session 4.9: Holistic Advances

Can the Humanities Influence the Clinical Sciences of Breathlessness, Prof Jane Macnaughton

Parallel Session 5.9: Medicine in Hostile Environments

Smallpox, Bubonic Plague & Beyond, Dr James Whitehorn

Parallel Session 6.9: Listening to the Patient

The World of Research Works Better with Patients and the Public as Partners, Simon Denegri





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