SAM Membership Fee Increase/Structure due April 2022

As per the AGM in SAMLondon, SAM are increasing their fees. We are taking this opportunity to also tidy up our membership categories, which will enable us to ensure that members are kept up to date about things that are most relevant to them and make sure we are truly representing our members.

  • Tier 1: Consultants fee £175 (increased from £120): All able to receive a paper copy of journal if requested.
  • Tier 2: Trainee doctor (ST4 and above) fee will be £80  (some will be reduced from £120, others increased from £45). All able to receive a paper copy of journal if requested.
  • Tier 3: Trainee doctors up to and including IMT3/ACP/AHP/PA/nurses/ pharmacy/International £50. Only online access to the journal will be included to reflect the reduced cost.

The fee collection/default fee will be £175: The change in fee collection was discussed and agreed that the default fee will be £175 and members will have to contact the society each year regarding their eligibility for reduced membership.

We are looking into ways that PA/AHP/ACP/Nursing/Pharmacy will not have to contact each year.

The paper copy of the journal will be sent to those in tier 1&2 who request this in addition to online access. All members will have access to the online journal.

As part of the fee increase SAM will be renewing all members job titles to get an accurate record of membership.

Special circumstance

  • Medical students have an affiliated membership and will be free but will not have any voting rights. They will have access to the journal. This is dependant on the articles of association being approved at the AGM
  • Parental leave – fees will be held for that year but membership continues and so does not lose good standing and that will count as a full membership year (this may be counted if applying for SAM council positions etc.)
  • Any other unpaid time out will be reviewed by council on a case by case basis.
  • Staff grade or trust grade doctors should be in the tier correlating to the level that they are working at. So if they are on the consultant rota, then they would be tier 1, if they are working as a registrar then tier 2.
  • LTFT – any less than full time (<80%) members may move to the lower tier bracket. LTFT tier three will remain at £50 per year
  • Retired members drop to the tier blow their expected pay scale, with exception of tier 3 which will remain at £50 per year