Opportunity for Trainees to Promote Careers in Acute Internal Medicine!

Job Description for Trainees Promoting Careers in Acute Internal Medicine

Successful applicants will have one session per week for one year to work with five other trainee colleagues across the UK to promote careers in Acute Internal Medicine (AIM). The name of the project has already been determined to be #takeaim.

Each applicant will have an identified mentor within their geographic location from whom they can obtain support and guidance. The aim will be to:

  1. Develop a strategy to identify the positive aspects of a career in acute internal medicine for both potential trainees but also for potential employers.
  2. Develop a variety of media to publicise the benefits of a career in acute internal medicine. This is to include publications which highlight the importance of AIM to patient care in the NHS. These may take the form of pamphlets, videos, social media campaigns etc, as well as collecting and presenting existing evidence of well-functioning Acute Medical Units.
  3. Develop with others a trainee-led symposium to be held in November that will facilitate exchange of information and interaction with more senior trainees in AIM. This will be targeted to FY/CMT doctors to help dispel myths and promote benefits of an AIM career

As most communication will have to be via electronic media the successful applicants must be computer literate, be capable of using the more common software including Microsoft Office components and be able to communicate well using such media as Webex, Skype etc.

The successful applicants will be dynamic, enthusiastic about Acute Medicine as a career, capable of independent working but also within a team structure, able to work to defined deadlines and be able to work creatively. It is expected that each trainee will be given a half day per week to work on the project and this will be recognized within their training schedule and will count towards their CCT date. Successful applicants will be expected to start work within the project as soon as is possible but certainly by July 2015.

The structure of the project will be to identify through teleconference/videoconference potential ideas for development and then allocate each individual within the project specific tasks that will have to be completed.

Individuals will have significant opportunities to share their ideas all of which will be prioritized by the working group of six trainees and their mentors. The Society for Acute Medicine will provide some support for this process and indeed for administration tasks but the initial part of the document development will be expected from the trainees. Support for video development will be forthcoming.

Some evening work may be expected to ease the ability of individuals to join in project related meetings.

Deadline: Sunday 24 May 2015

For anyone who is interested please email Dr Mike Jones at mike.jones3@nhs.net.