Acute Medical Awareness Week, 10-16 July 2023


Bright Ideas in Acute Medicine!

For lots of us, the world of acute medicine has been particularly challenging over the last few years. Whilst we are well known for our resilience, we should also be proud of a specialty which is thriving with innovation, inspiration and adaptation.

This Acute Medicine Awareness week, we want to promote these dynamic, forward-facing aspects of your work and show off the changes you all are making to improve patient care!

Therefore, the theme for this #AMAW23 will be ‘Bright Ideas’, a week where we aim to demonstrate how much positive change and growth there is to be proud of across Acute Medical units everywhere.


How to get involved

We want to showcase the improvements, progress and new directions we can all be proud of in the specialty. These bright ideas might be:

-        New team members or roles

-        New SDEC pathways

-        Innovative use of ultrasound

-        Developing or using specialist skills

-        Quality improvement or education

-        New locations or infrastructure

It can be as simple or as complex as you like!


What to do in AMAW week

1.  Choose your unit’s Bright Idea(s)

2. Take a photo which demonstrates this idea

3. Tweet the photo using hashtags #AMAW23 or #aimbright with a brief explanation of what your unit’s bright idea or ideas have been

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