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Take AIM!

Take AIM!

‘Why #TakeAIM?’

A twitter discussion was held on Sunday 9th November, to raise awareness of Acute Internal Medicine using the hashtag ‘#TakeAIM’: this resulted in a wide ranging discussion of the positive aspects of the speciality, as well as highlighting some of the key challenges. A summary can be found by clicking on the link below’

The Society has also launched a Thunderclap through social media in order to promote Acute Medicine. If you have Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr please register your support through following the link below:

Acute Internal Medicine (AIM) is the fastest growing speciality at the moment and the Society for Acute Medicine would like to encourage trainees to choose Acute Internal Medicine as their speciality.

If you are interested in the speciality and would like more information please visit our own dedicated education and training area of the website and ‘Training in Acute Medicine’ page.

Please also look at the below profiles from trainees who decided to choose Acute Internal Medicine.

AIM Profile: Dr Nadia Stock

AIM Profile: Dr Sanjay Krishnamoorthy

AIM Profile: Dr Kathleen Bonnici

AIM Profile: Dr Ash Sadighi

Click here to see an informative video of Dr Pearson, acute medical consultant explaining why he chose acute medicine.

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