SAMBA18 National Report

We are pleased to inform you that the SAMBA18 National Report is now available here.

SAMBA18 National Report

We hope that the report will be of use.  We have included the names of participants who were made known to us.  We would be happy to amend the names of participants if there are any errors and if so we apologise in advance; let us know if we can help.

As one round of SAMBA finishes, another begins.  Please get ready for Thursday 27 June 2019.  Over half of all UK AMUs now participate in this annual event and we look forward to more people joining us this year.

We also look forward to your comments and hope you can join us at the SAMBA sessions at our next two conferences, SAM-on-the-Tyne (May 2-3 2019, Gateshead) and SAM-on-the-Moor (October 10-11 2019, Harrogate).

For now, we hope you enjoy reading the report and once again thank everyone who contributed to the audit, which was recently quoted in the NHS Long-Term Plan.

Professor Dan Lasserson, SAMBA Lead

Professor Mark Holland, Past President to the Society for Acute Medicine

On behalf of the SAMBA Academy

The SAMBA18 Interim Conference Report can be found here.