01/04/12: In the news this week... 26th March to 1st April

Dr Mark Porter, head of the BMA’s consultants’ committee, has warned that the NHS cannot afford to expand seven day working further than acute care (Telegraph, 26.03.12).

The health bill was enshrined in law last week as it was finally given the Royal Assent (onmedica, 28.03.12).

A leaked risk register says NHS reforms could mean that the NHS manages emergencies less well (Guardian, 27.03.12). Click here view the document in full.

Rates of kidney failure and stroke among diabetics are at a ‘record high' according to new figures (BBC, 26.03.12).

The BMA says they will ballot doctors on industrial action in May if pension talks don't resume (BBC, 29.03.12).

Conflict of interest fears flared as it was revealed that many Clinical Commissioning Group (CCGs) GPs have shares in private healthcare providers (Guardian, 27.03.12).

Other news in brief...

A Care Quality Commission (CQC) report has found care home staff are 'routinely flouting' guidelines when restraining and sedating patients (Telegraph, 27.03.12).

A new test to detect MRSA developed by Edinburgh University scientists should be faster and more cost effective (BBC, 29.03.12).

The NHS has been accused of making savings through cuts rather than productivity savings (BBC, 29.03.12).

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is still failing to protect patients from poor care a senior CQC board member has said (Telegraph, 30.03.12).

A cardiovascular vaccine could be on the market in five years (Telegraph, 31.03.12).

A new antibiotic - Fidaxomicin – has been said to reduce c. difficile relapse rate (Telegraph, 26.03.12).

Dementia funding is to be doubled to £66 million by 2015 the Prime Minister has announced (BBC, 26.03.12).

Swine flu vaccine has been linked with narcolepsy in a new study (Telegraph, 29.03.12).

Prescription charges are to rise by 25p in England (BBC, 25.03.12).

A new research database with patient records of 500,000 people has gone online (Guardian, 30.03.12).

A new report has suggested there will not be enough jobs for UK doctors by 2020 (Telegraph, 31.03.12).