Winter SAMBA – 30 January 2020

Winter SAMBA 2020 registration is now open! Please use the form at the end of this post to sign up and take part.

Winter SAMBA will take place on 30 January 2020. 

If you took part in SAMBA19, you do not need to re-register – just log in to the database with the details you used for SAMBA19. If needed, you can add additional users – see the How to guide here.

For Trusts that have more than one hospital, please register each hospital site separately. Please take care to write out the hospital name in full, no abbreviations or the name of the trust. Also, you can specify if you want to be the administrator for your unit, which gives you direct access to the results of Winter SAMBA, as well as the ability to create additional log ins for members of your SAMBA team. You will be sent a link to start uploading your unit data two weeks before the audit date of 30th January 2020.

A Caldicott Approval form will need to be completed for Winter SAMBA – once this form has been completed, it does not need repeating for further SAMBAs in 2020.

Below please find:

Caldicott Guardian form

Winter SAMBA Protocol

Winter SAMBA How to Guide

Winter SAMBA Masterlist

Winter SAMBA Patient Data Collection Form

The unit questionnaire is available in the database.

Please start arranging your Winter SAMBA data collectors for the 30th January 2020 and ensure that your Caldicott Guardian has approved data release. Also, your local audit team should be made aware and approve of Winter SAMBA using your usual local permissions. The data entry deadline is 23:59 on 23rd February 2020.

Any queries, please let us know at


Cat Atkin, on behalf of the Winter SAMBA team.

Database resources

If you need a new password to the database, please go to:

Follow the link ‘Need to set your password or forgotten your password? click here’

Your username is your email address. Follow the instructions to reset your password.

Administrators: How to add a user to the SAMBA database.

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