There is no doubt that working on a busy acute medical unit requires a different focus, skill mix and knowledge base compared to a pharmacy service on general medical and surgical wards. The pharmacy team have a demanding and progressive role which focuses on getting medicines right early in the patient journey and the facilitation of rapid and safe discharge.

SAM is a multidisciplinary society which values the input of all its members. SAM is committed to developing the skill-set of the acute medicine pharmacist and helping to meet the training needs of the AMU pharmacy team. We feel it is crucial we encourage career progression for pharmacists within acute medicine in order to retain and develop expertise and promote excellence in acute pharmaceutical care.

Current work in progress

  • Working on developing a training framework for acute medicine pharmacists
  • Form an active pharmacist network within SAM
  • Increase pharmacist numbers within SAM

Henrietta Cresswell

SAM Pharmacy Representative

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