Nursing at the Society for Acute Medicine UK is represented by Ian Setchfield (Kent) and Jan Christian (Salford) who are SAM Council members.  They are both consultant nurses with a wealth of complimentary expertise to promote the multi-faceted nature of nursing within acute medicine. (To read more about our nursing representatives please see the who’s who section.)

We have three main aims:

We aim to represent the interests of nurses working in acute medicine and provide network for acute medicine nursing both locally and nationally.

  1. To build: our nurse membership to enable the nursing contribution to acute medicine to be maximised and promote a multi-disciplinary team approach where the voice of nursing is heard.
  2. To influence: the shape of nursing in acute medicine now and work towards a future vision which is capable of delivering safe, high quality, effective nursing care well into the 21st century.
  3. To develop: the educational base, practice and research interests of our members by encouraging / supporting ideas and service based projects which are capable of building the evidence base for nursing.

Core throughout these aims is the principle of lifelong learning and sharing that learning with our members at conferences, workshops and in the delivery of relevant publications.

Get in touch

We are responding to a steady stream of email requests from nurses (at all bandings) for information to support the development of their acute medicine units. Request range from competencies, developing new roles to ‘a bit of everything’!

Publications for acute medicine nurses

  1. Principles for discharge from Acute Medicine Units – Sept 2017
  2. Conference Summary Paper:‘Determining the Role of the Health Care Assistant in Acute Medicine Units’, PDF, November 2013
  3. SAM Glasgow presentation: “Developing National Standards: ‘Determining the role of the health care assistant within acute medicine'”, PowerPoint, October 2013
  4. Principles for the safe transfer and handover of patients from acute medical units, June 2013
  5. Research Report: A national survey exploring theprofile of registered nursing staff working in acutemedical units, May 2013
  6. An Integrated Career and Competency Framework for Registered Nurses in Acute Medicine, April 2013
  7. During 2012 we published the Coordinator Role in Acute Medicine and an AMU Workforce Planning Toolkit via the Society for Acute Medicine.

All other relevant publications are listed on:

Research and Audit interests

  • Fluid management in the acutely ill patient and fluid bundles are an interest of Helen Pickard  – and early audit work will be shared via the Society for Acute Medicine.
  • Understanding what is the role of the advanced nurse practitioner in acute medicine units is also a research interest of Helens – she hopes to start some data collection during 2013 with a particular focus on developing a governance framework. We hope to collaborate on this work with colleagues in Ireland, who have a framework they apply to such roles.
  • Medicines safety: application and observation in practice is an interest of Liz Lees.  Some early pilot work was presented in Manchester (October 2012).  This work is now being re-visited with actions taken forward following the first data collection cycle. For an informal chat please contact Liz at

Liz has also commenced a new role (50% of her time) as a senior research fellow for nursing and this will provide a platform for many new avenues of Nursing research interfacing with her role in acute medicine.  If you have an idea you would like to develop in collaboration, please get in touch with Liz.

We are actively representing nursing via the Society for Acute Medicine at its research group and two groups at the Royal College of Physicians, namely; Acute Care Group and National Safety group.

Ian Setchfield and Jan Christian

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