East Surrey Hospital

General Information

  Address: AMU East Surrey Hospital Canada Avenue Redhill RH1 5RH

  Phone Number: 01737 768511


Additional Information

Category: 57



Clinical Lead: Dr Natalie King

Clinical Lead Email: natalie.king@sash.nhs.uk

Year Opened: 12/17/2008

Nursing Lead: Amanda Becker

Nursing Lead Email: amanda.becker@sash.nhs.uk

AHP Lead:

AHP Lead Email:

Pharmacy Lead:

Pharmacy Lead Email:

Number of Consultants in Acute Medicine: 5

Consultants in Acute Medicine:

Dr King, Dr Mearns, Dr Asalieh, Dr Khan, Dr Selveratnam, Dr Sastry, Dr Jawad and Dr Dachsel

Advanced Nurse Practitioners:


Physician Associates:

Rachel Forbes-Pyman, Sarah Vigor, Moni Choudury

Sam Payne, Pam Trangmer, Lori Williams, Michelle Chapman, Daniel Woosey, Kanesh Kanthagnan (PAs in other specialities with AMU session)

Average Daily Attendances: 60

Total Beds: 40

Monitored Beds: 4

Trolleys: 6

Ambulatory Area: 1

Protocols Guidelines:

Protocols Document:

Other Info: