Society for Acute Medicine Benchmarking Audit 2014

There is great variation in the experience of patients presenting to Hospital as Medical Emergencies. The Royal College of Physicians and the Society of Acute Medicine (SAM) have defined standards of care for admissions to Acute Medicine. Compliance is not known. This audit aims to review adherence to some of these standards of care in Acute Medical Units (AMUs) across the UK and serve as a reference point for future audits and service improvement initiatives.

In 2013 we had 43 contributing units and over 100 collaborators who submitted comments and data. We hope that as a result SAMBA ’14 is easier to do then SAMBA ’12 and SAMBA ’13.

This page contains all the resources that you are likely to need. Please start by registering your unit with the following web-link

[1] The flyer is SAM’s invite to you and summarises last years results.

[2] The protocol was approved in 2012 and has been updated.

[3] The checklist walks you through the preparations for your team.

[4] You can use the attached form for your Caldicott guardian.

[5] The Masterlist has identifiable information to retrieve data items. This list is not sent outside the organisation.

[6] Patient data can be collected on paper, though we would encourage a data collection straight into Excel.

[7] The Clinical Frailty Scale is a tool to help us understand functional dependency of your patients.

[8] There are two spreadsheets: please pick one for the day. The light version of the audit is faster but relies on a readily calculated NEWS score. These are beta versions for you to familiarise yourself with the spreadsheets. Final spreadsheets available here and here

Many thanks for your interest and please contact us with questions or problems with the data collection.