SAMBA 2017 – Registration now open!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that SAMBA2017 will take place on Thursday June 15th 2017.  This year we are calling the audit ‘Against the Clock Time for Patients’.

The SAMBA Academy met on Saturday February 18th 2017.  Reviewing feedback from last years participants and based on the data we collected in 2016, it is apparent that admission and assessment processes in acute medicine are becoming increasingly diverse.  This year we will collect data at all the points on the patients’ admission journey and provide you with a more detailed report to reflect the work you do.  This should allow us to be more inclusive for patients seen by us in the Emergency Department or Ambulatory Care, for example.

SAM will again be investing in an updated data electronic data collection tool which will hopefully eliminate blank responses.  We are also commissioning report writing software to get reports out to you earlier and in greater detail.  Therefore, we are hoping to make data collection as easy as it has ever been but at the same time using the data to even greater benefit.

Registration is now open!

If you have not already taken part in SAMBA’16 then we would encourage you to register your unit for SAMBA’17 with this link:

If you took part in SAMBA’16, you can just click on this login to join this year’s audit and refresh your details. You can reset your password if you need to

We very much hope that this year we can get 100 units to take part.  Our 2016 SAMBA report was welcomed by many partner organisations and has helped increase the profile and standing of the Society.

These are difficult time but also exciting times.  Please join us, the bigger our voice, the bigger our influence.

SAMBA17 Flyer

SAMBA16 report FINAL