Society for Acute Medicine Benchmarking Audit: SAMBA 2015

Date: Thursday 25 June 2015

Please see the following SAMBA Letter from President of the Society for Acute Medicine Dr Alistair Douglas.

SAMBA ’15 will in essence we will be asking the same questions as in 2013 and 2014. We want to help you to understand the performance of your unit. Or to challenge your management with a ‘perfect 24 hours’ take to show them what resources you need to be a top-10 UK AMU.

Participants are invited to complete a short online survey about their unit and to register the audit with their hospital. The data collection will be done for the first time through an anonymised online tool from surveymonkey with no identifiable data.

For the first time we will be asking for patient feedback using the national standard: Would you recommend your unit to family and friends? This will be a difficult one! We might not look as good as we hoped for?

And patients might not tell us the whole truth about what they think. But it will be an important step in putting patient experience at the centre of SAMBA.

The second focus will be Specialist input: what work is done by Specialists in Acute Medicine? And how are you being supported by Specialists from other areas of expertise and departments?

We are hoping to run SAMBA ’15 with a larger team than the last three SAMBAs and this will hopefully mean unit results back before SAM-Manchester in Autumn.

To register please use the link below.

For more information please contact the SAMBA team on

For those of you considering registering for SAMBA 2015 please see below the latest versions of the documentation which is required for data collection. Please check on the 18 June for the final versions.

1. Specialists in Acute Care Flyer SAMBA15

2. How to guide SAMBA15

3. Masterlist SAMBA15

4. Unit_Data_SAMBA15

5. Patient_Data SAMBA15

6. SAMBA15 F&F

7. Protocol SAMBA15 Specialists in Acute Care

8. Caldicott Template SAMBA15