SAM president warns of effect of “new crisis every month” on patients and staff

Commenting on the release today of NHS performance data for May, Dr Nick Scriven, president of the Society for Acute Medicine, said: “Emergency access is in a dire state and, given that a new crisis engulfs the NHS almost every month, it is hard to see how patients and staff can be reassured that we will ever get back on a stable footing.

“We have seen huge increases in pressure against a backdrop of falling numbers of GPs, cuts to social care which will take years to repair, vacancies among nurses with no laws to ensure safe staffing and a decrease in beds.

“There is now the current pensions tax issue which is catching lots of senior clinicians in a punitive financial trap and leading to experienced consultants reducing hours and being unwilling to cover gaps due to the threat of five-figure tax bills.

“What I find most disconcerting is how we do not see these major problems being resolved and then, within a short period, see another and I fear for how long it can go on like this.”