SAM issues winter briefing as NHS faces “most pressure it has ever seen”

Following the release today of the latest weekly NHS winter sitrep data and the Queen’s Speech, the Society for Acute Medicine has issued a winter briefing on the current state of the health service and the action required to alleviate pressure.

Within the report, Dr Nick Scriven, immediate past president of the Society for Acute Medicine, said: “The NHS is under the most pressure it has ever seen and quite how we will get through the next few weeks and months remains to be seen.

“We need to urgently support our staff throughout the NHS as they are reaching the stage of utter exhaustion after more than two years of unrelenting and increasing stress and workload.

“Promises or commitments of investment today will not make up for years in a matter of months, which is what would be needed to get us through the winter period safely. It is the bare minimum.

“The best option for those in central positions now would be to engage with staff who actually work on the frontline up and down the country to put out realistic messages of how things are and focus on what can make an immediate impact.”