Dear SAM member,

In accordance with the Society’s Articles of Association certain posts are now up for election. This has been an extraordinary time for all of us within Acute Medicine and our Society more than ever is grateful for your support. These posts will give you an opportunity to help us develop the society and support our members during what is likely to be an interesting and at times challenging period as we now embrace working within the “new normal”.

We are now seeking applications for the following roles with SAM (council members):

  • 4 Regional representatives: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales
  • Trainee representative
  • Allied Health Professional
  • Advance Care Practitioner (includes Advanced Nurse Practitioner)

We are also seeking applications for the following posts. These roles will not have formal seats on council but will be co-opted to attend some meetings and have a place on the relevant committee.

  • Quality and Innovation Committee Lead (1 post)
  • Training and Education Committee Consultant Member (1 post)
  • Research Committee UK Member (2 posts)
  • Research Committee non-UK Member (1 post)

We are looking for applicants who are passionate about acute medicine, new ways of working, sustaining safe and effective care, and the development of the specialty and the multi-professional group of healthcare professionals who work in acute medicine.

Attached to this letter are the job descriptions for each post. The posts are open to SAM members.

If more than one application is received for the role of Regional Representatives, Trainee representative, Allied Health Professional and Advanced Care Practitioner, an election shall be held.

If more than one candidate applies for QI committee lead or Training and Education lead, Council directors will appoint the best candidate.

If there are more candidates than posts for the research committee roles, directors, along with the Research Lead will appoint the best candidate.

Applications should be made electronically to the Society’s office by midday on Friday 12th June 2020.

Your application must include:

  • A 300 (maximum) word statement to support your candidacy. Statements exceeding the word limited will be returned to you for editing
  • You must be proposed and seconded by two society members who are in good standing with the society
  • You must be in good standing with the society

Please supply contact details including a mechanism to contact you as soon as the results are available.  We prefer to contact all candidates by telephone when possible.

You are very welcome to informally discuss any role with the current post holders or current SAM Office Bearers.  Please get in touch with the SAM office and we’ll get them to call you.

The new post holders will commence duties as soon as the appointment has been ratified by Council in September. We are planning to hold a virtual council meeting on the 15th September for those posts with seats on council.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Vicky Price
Secretary, Society for Acute Medicine

Job Description Regional Representative 

Job_Description Trainee Representative 

Job Description ACP

Job Description AHP

Job Description Quality & Innovation Lead 

Job Description  Training and Education Committee

Job Description Research Committee