Moni Choudhury

Hi everyone! I am Moni Choudhury and I’m a Physician Associate at East Surrey Hospital in Acute Medicine.

I graduated from St George’s University of London in 2013. Prior to this, I completed a BSc in Biology and Environmental Science and an MSc in Biomedical Science.

I was in General Medicine before realising Acute Medicine was my field of interest and now I have decided to explore this further by developing myself within primary care in a joint post. This has been a new and exciting challenge for my development and has been thoroughly enjoyable. Each day is different to the next and I have thrived from being that link between both settings enabling efficient patient flow and continuity of care. I work with a great team of doctors who have been a great support network.

Having now been a Physician Associate for 7 years, I have acquired a range of skills varying from teaching right through to clinical practice. I helped pioneer the Physician Associate course at the University of Surrey where I led clinical skills and I was heavily involved in writing Mark Schemes and formative and summative OSCE exams. I have mentored and supported students through revision/OSCE and placement advice to ensure they get the best out of their learning.

In clinical practice I have expanded my role and now perform telephone and follow up consultations with patients I have clerked, partake in ward rounds with indirect supervision, and perform supervised procedures in thoracentesis, paracentesis and lumbar punctures and performing bedside ultrasound scans.

I am honoured to have been appointed as a Physician Associate Representative for The Society of Acute Medicine. I have had PAs reach out to me across the country with questions and for support and I hope this continues!

I look forward to working with my Council members in SAM in promoting Physician Associates in Acute Medicine and researching ways in which I can help in expanding their role and to get the best out of our profession.

It has been an exciting start. Please reach out to me if there is anything I can help with! Find me on twitter @monichoudhury1

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