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SAMManchester Posters

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Audit and Quality Improvement Posters

A&QI 1 A Quality Improvement project to Improve Accuracy …

A&QI 3 Advance care planning in those patients in their last year of life on a general and old age medicine ward

A&QI 4 Adverse Drug Reactions in an Acute Medical Unit – an overview

A&QI 6 Are we adequately screening admitted patients for alcohol misuse and is the appropriate action being delivered

A&QI 7 Audit of a DVT Pathway – Deviation from the NICE Guideline Does Not Reduce Quality or Safety of Care

A&QI 9 Diagnosis and Severity Stratification of Sepsis – Are we as good as we think

A&QI13 Fast and Friendly Please

A&QI 14 Headache – Is a directed pathway better thank normal clinical assessment?

A&QI 19 Improving an acute medical units practice of resuccitation discussions and DNACPR documentation

A&QI 20 Improving Antibiotic Prescription Accuracy with Order Sets- A Quality Improvement Project

A&QI21 Improving Initial assessment & management of the acutely unwell in resource limited settings

A&QI26 Improving weekend handover a novel adaptation of an existing clinical handover tool

A&QI28 Investigating Pulmonary Embolism in Pregnancy

A&QI 29 Investigation of suspected PE with CT pulmonary Angiography

A&QI 30 ITU Escalation and Renal REplacemnet Therapy in Decompenstaed Liver Disease – Utility or Futility

A&QI32 Learning from patients how to SAMBA

A&QI36 Reduction in ICU Mortality at a Large University Hospital Suggests Success of Early Warning …

A&QI 37 Review of emergency readmissions to ward B3 Acute Medicine at QMC Nottingham

A&QI 39 Spread the NEWS

A&QI43 Development of a Level 1 Enhanced Care Unit on AMU POSTER pdf

A&QI 46 The SAFE MEDICS Ward Round Checklist and Audit of Ward Round Standards

A&QI 47 Trainee led sepsis quality improvement project – Improving time to antibiotic administration and usage of the sepsis six bundle

A&QI 48 Unprovoked DVT screening – 2 year follow up

A&QI 49 Use of the Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment – CIWA- score in patients admissted for acute alcohol withdrawal

A&QI 50 Using Ambulatory Care Scores to identify patients suitable….

A&QI 54 Would longer Ambulatory Care Unit hours reduce short medical admissions

Case Report Posters

CR1 A 70 year old with confusion – another delirium Cerebral vasculitis as a rare cause of encephalitis

CR6 ABCD-E for EXPOSURE – A good reason to strip and flip

CR8 Acute Confusion – are CT head findings absolute or are there differential diagnoses to be considered

CR13 An unusual case of meningitis

CR14 An unusual case sepsis on the acute medicine ward

CR17 An unusual presentation of stroke in a young person

CR18 Aortic Dissection in the context of alcoholic cardiomyopathy

CR19 Bleeding Limb – Acquired Haemophilia A

CR20 Case report of patient with acute anterior spinal artery syndrome

CR21 Case Report Designer benzodiazepine

CR23 Clozapine induced bowel obstruction – an underestimated severe side effect

CR25 Dysphagia – A DISH too far

CR26 Emphysematous Pyelonephritis – A case report

CR30 More than just a tight back

CR32 Occlusion of uncommon anatomic ….Poster Portrait V13 orange mickey final A0 size

CR40 Think twice Before Burn Out

CR41 Thinking about eosinophilia in acute medicine

CR43 When being all right is not alright

Education Posters

E1 Curriculum Based teaching and Presentations in Acute Medicine Departments – A consideration for future

E10 The achilles heel of medicine – improving acute medical handover through simulation

E11 Ultrasound on the Acute medical Unit A mandatory skill

Research Posters

R3 CRASH – HCSW have the skill but do we have the will

R4 Crisis Checklists – promoting consistency, communication and quality of care

R6 Does medication review reduce the number of …

R8 Non Specific Complaints and Adverse Health Outcomes Among Elderly Patients at the Emergency Department

R11 Results of a UK wide survey on the use of point of care ultrasound in the AMU

R14 Use of the AMB score in a large urban district general hospital – reducing admissions and validating the score

R15 What should an AIM ultrasound curriculum look like

Service Organisation and Design Posters

SO&D1 A novel and revolutionary redesign of emergency general medicine admissions pathway

SO&D 3 Acute Frailty Unit within ED reduces inpatient admissions for frail older adults

SO&D4 Alcohol Detox – A ‘cost saving’ pathway for the AECUSO&D4 Alcohol Detox – A ‘cost saving’ pathway for the AECU

SO&D 7 Attaining a 90 minute length of stay – Ambulatory Emergency Care Redesigned

SO&D 8 Clear Structure and leadership to an assessment area can reduce patient length of stay

SO&D10 Do we listen to our patients

SO&D12 Ealing Ambulatory Emergency Care Unit

SO&D17 Low-risk chest pain – streamlining the patient experience

SO&D20 The Bolton DVT Clinic

SO&D21 The Introduction of an Acute Medical Assessment Unit

SO&D 24 How can I help – A cobination of consultant triage and a process model for ambulatory care greatly reduces medical admissions from primary care

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