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Audit & Quality Improvement Posters

A&QI 3Aiming for a cardiac arrest free care: Our perspective and progress

A&QI 6Assessment of delirium in the AMU, Epsom Hospital 

A&QI 9Collecting data on acute medicine quality indicators in Scotland: A first year review

A&QI 11Does a satellite pharmacy on the AMU facilitate discharge? 

A&QI 17Increasing the uptake of HIV testing for Clinical Indicator Conditions: An AMU Quality Improvement Project 

A&QI 19Intervention audit of pharmacist contributions on the AMU post take ward rounds

A&QI 24Patients’ satisfaction in a newly established AMAU at an Irish Hospital

A&QI 27Reducing registration-to-ECG times for patients presenting to the emergency unit with acute chest pain 

A & QI 30Telemetry use within the Acute Medical Unit 


Case Report Posters

CR 5:  Acute dysphagia as the presenting feature of syringobulbia in a sixteen-year-old patient 

CR 6Allopurinol related deranged liver function and eosinophilia – Think DRESS! 

CR 14Brugada syndrome unmasked by fever – Commoner than we think? 

CR 16Discitis: A pain in the neck 

CR 17Doctor I feel listless, please tell me exactly what I have? 

CR 19 Not just a belch! Excessive belching as a presenting feature in acute aortic syndrome: A case report

CR 20Iatrogenic disseminated Bacillus Calmette-Guérin infection from immunotherapy for bladder cancer 

CR 21May-Thurner syndrome-related iliofemoral deep vein thrombosis as the initial clinical presentation of perforated sigmoid diverticulitis 

CR 24Snap! Crackle! Pop! The perils of complementary therapy

CR 28Think before you treat a Troponin! 

CR 29Think! It Could Be HIV 

CR 30Type 1 spontaneous diaphragmatic rupture – An unusual cause of chest pain and dyspnoea 

CR32Vertebral Artery Dissection – Not as uncommon as we think?  

CR 35Young and Confused (A case of acute cerebellitis and fulminant hepatitis in a young confused adult presenting to the AMU) 


Research Posters

R 5Fever in the returning traveller presenting to a UK District General Hospital; Room for improvement..

R 7Predicting readmissions – Existing scoring models of little use to Acute Physicians? 

R 8PRISMA analysis of 30 day readmissions to a tertiary cancer hospital 

R 9SAFER@HOME: Pan-European study examining potentially preventable 30 day readmissions

R10Study of 28 day readmission rates of patient attendances at AMU, Heartlands Hospital

R 13Viral Hemorrhagic fevers; What do clinicians know? 


Service Organisation & Design Posters

SO&D 1A consultant-led referral service improves waiting times on the AMU 

SO&D 4Anticholinergics: Overlooked menace to vulnerable patients? Results from the AMiCI pilot at the Ipswich Hospital

SO&D 5Are hospital admissions reduced by Acute Medicine consultant telephone triage of medical referrals? 

SO&D 10_Refusing medical admissions: Is this practice safe or effective? A review of 3-years data (16989 referrals) from a district general hospital

SO&D 14The development of a seven day therapy service in the emergency portals at the Royal Stoke University Hospital NHS Trust

SO&D 16The impact of a dedicated consultant in a newly established AMAU in an Irish Hospital and predictors of service delay

SO&D 18The impact of Consultant-led AMU weekend discharge ward rounds 

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