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A&QI 9 An Analysis of Negative Microbiology Results within Medicine Retrospective Analysis of 2 Weeks of Medical take and the Perception of Microbiology results

A&QI 11 Assessment of an Ambulatory Care Service and Impact on Medical Admissions at Countess of Chester Hospital

A&QI 15 Auditing the Correctness of UTI Diagnosis and Management in a DGH

A&QI 18 Can You Just Write Me Up a Bag of Fluids

A&QI 20 Design and Introduction of a Clerking Proforma Improves Clerking Data Quality and Leads to Increased Documentation of Key Escalation Decisions at Admission

A&QI 21 Does Using a Sepsis-Six form Improve the Adherence to Sepsis-Six

A&QI 28 Hitting the Mark A Quality Improvement Project to Implement CQUIN Targets on an Acute Medical Unit AMU

A&QI 40 Introducing Treatment Escalation Plans in Acute Medicine – A Quality Improvement Project

A&QI 50 Reducing the Cost of Haemolysis

A&QI 51 Reducing the Length of Stay of Elderly Patients on Acute Medicine by Usin the Dementia and Delirium Six (DD 6) Bundle

A&QI 53 Sulphonylurea Induced Hypoglycaemia Are We Seeing it too Often

A&QI 54 Surviving Sepsis at Surrey & Sussex NHS Trust

A&QI 57 Tackling Blood Culture Contamination Rates in the Acute Setting

A&QI 60 The Development and Impact of an Online System for Acute Medical Admissions and a SAM Quality Indicator Dashboard

A&QI 61The introduction of a homeless healthcare team has efficiently improved patient care and discharge outcome at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital

A&QI 62 The Diagnosis and Management of Community Acquired Pneumonia in an AMU – A Quality Improvement Project

A&QI 64 The Lumbar Puncture Proforma- Audit of Novel intervention to Improve Patient Safety


CR 2 A Case of Empyema Complicating Cannabis-Induced Bullous Lung Disease

CR 5 Acute Acalculous Cholecystitis and Pericarditis as Rare Complications of Q Fever

CR7 An Unusual Case of Pancytopenia

CR 10 C5-C6 Brachial Plexus Injury Sustained as a Result of Indoor Skydiving

CR 20 Solving intractable hypocalcaemic seizures with IV alfacalcidol, a lesson learnt in calcium metabolism

CR 21 Steroids in Hypercalcaemia the ACE up your sleeve

CR 22 Superficial Thrombophlebitis – Think Deep

CR28 What to do When Your Patient Reacts Badly – Depot Injection Causing Multiple Anaphylactic Reactions


E4 Immediate and Sustained Increases in Confidence at Performing Six Curriculum Matched procedures Following One Day Practical procedures Course


R3 Does a Busy Emergency Department have a Lower Threshold for Referral to the Acute Medical Team

R4 Does Interprofessional Eduction Enhance Communication Amongst Healthcare Professionals

R7 Knowledge and Application of DVLA Medical Standards of Fitness to Drive

R12 Predictors of Emergency Department breaches in patients admitted onto a Medical Admissions Unit

R14 The Impact of Bed Occupancy on Patient Flow through a Medical Admissions Unit


SO&D 1- 7 day Consultant Acute Physician Working- Is it Working to Reduce Patient Waiting Times

SO&D 18 The Acute Hospital at Home Project at Dorset County Hospital

SO&D 23 The Impact of Placing Senior Physician at Triage on Emergency Department Patient Throughout Systematic Review of Comparative Studies

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