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SAMBirmingham 2017 Posters

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Audit & Quality Improvement Posters

AQI 04 A Sticker can improve Documentation and Management of Acute Hyponatraemia

AQI 05 Acute Kidney Injury – A NICE Checklist

AQI 08 Assessment for change

AQI 09 Blood transfusions in the acute medical setting

AQI 14 Developing an ambulatory pathway for Iron Deficiency Anaemia

AQI 16 Effectiveness of the presence of Higher Monitoring Unit (HMU) in a Tertiary Referral University Hospital

AQI 18 Exploring patient experience needs in ambulatory care

AQI 19 Exploring therapists’ perceptions of complexity to develop a therapy complexity scale for use on the Frailty Unit at St Thomas’ Hospital

AQI 21 High Observation with in Emergency Assessment Unit; Improving Patient Safety

AQI 22 How knowledge of patterns of influencing in AMU can inform Quality Improvement work

AQI 27 Improving Patient Flow with the 100% Challenge

AQI 28 Improving Smoking Cessation Practices in the MAU

AQI 32 Introduction of an Ambulatory Emergency Care bundle for Pulmonary Embolism at Nobles Hospital

AQI 38 Please Do Not Attempt Resuscitation! An audit on the appropriateness of DNA CPR decisions & documentation in the Princess Royal University Hospital 2017

AQI 39 Preparation for ST3 Facilitating Core Medical Trainees to act up as a medical registrar

AQI 40 Prescription of IV Fluid Therapy for Fluid Resuscitation

AQI 43 Resuscitation Equipment Education Programme

AQI 44 Headaches Presenting to ED Do We Over Investigate

AQI 47 Staff experiences of a new model of consultant delivered front door decision making

AQI 49 Ultrasound compression sensitivity for deep vein thrombosis in intravenous drug users

AQI 51 Clerking Co Production

AQI 52 Use of sepsis scoring systems to predict 24-hour ICU admission and 30-day mortality:  Which score should we use to screen patients with adult sepsis?

AQI 54 What do you mean ‘urgent’?


Case Report Posters

CR 03 A story of RBC in a man

CR 11 Can Caffeine Overdose cause Rhabdomyolysis?

CR 12 Crystal-induced nephropathy secondary to high dose intravenous aciclovir

CR 13 Diagnostic fixation error: The hidden diagnosis of hypopituitarism in the patient with Bell’s Palsy

CR 21 Non resolving cellulitis: Have you checked the medications?

CR 24 Posterior circulation stroke due to large vessel vasculitis ie. Giant cell arteritis

CR 26 Status epilepticus – a rare cause of unusual electrolytes


Education Posters

E 01 Actrapid Prescriptions – what do we know

E 03 Consultant Interruptions on the Acute Medical Unit

E 05 Gastroenteritis that wasn’t (or, the day the hoofbeats were zebra)

E 06 Improving MET calls as a form of learning experience

E 10 Postural Ignorance

E 11 Near Peer Teaching on the AMU

E 15 The Appropriateness of Current Teaching and Training in Acute Medicine

E 16 The Business of Learning Exploring the junior doctors’ perspective of the medical ward round – An ethnographic study


Research Posters

R 03 Calculated globulin – an under-utilised test in identifying immunodeficiency?

R 04 Can the acute hospital admission be used as an opportunity to record patients’ physical activity level and provide physical activity advice

R 08 Frailty Syndromes coded within Secondary User Service

R 09 Investigating the utility of the Modified Miller Score to improve healthcare resource allocation post-pulmonary embolism

R 14 Using D-dimer as a continuous variable to predict likelihood of pulmonary embolism

R 15 What’s up with wee Jimmy


Service Organisation & Design Posters

SOD 02 Complex Care Management Medicines Optimisation

SOD 5 Frequency and volume; what works best for acute take

SOD 11 Modelling bed occupancy for acute medical admissions shows peaks are followed by spontaneous resolution

SOD 15 Tap and Go on the AMU: Improving clinicians experience of Electronic Patient Records

SOD 16 The impact of Consultant-delivered decision making at the front door of the Emergency Department

SOD 17 The introduction of a healthcare assistant to help doctors during on-call work at night at the Bradford Royal Infirmary (BRI)


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