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SAMBelfast Presentations

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Plenary 1: The Bright Side of the Road: Fixing Unscheduled Care

Plenary 1, Fixing Unscheduled Care in Belfast, Dr John Maxwell

Plenary 1, Fixing Unscheduled Care in the Republic of Ireland, Dr Garry Courtney

Plenary 1, Fixing training in AIM, Dr Mike Jones and Dr Nick Smallwood

Plenary 2: Into the Mystic: Clinical Reasoning: Thinking Critically and Clinically

Plenary 2, From Mindless to Mindful Practice, Cognitive Bias and Medical Decision Making, Professor Pat Croskerry

Plenary 2, Clinical Reasoning, Can we Teach It, Dr Nicola Cooper

Plenary 2, Misinterpretation of Diagnostic Tests, Dr Paul Hamilton

Plenary 3: Real, Real, Gone: What Happens when it Fails

Plenary 3, Renal Failure, Detecting and Averting, Dr Damian Fogarty

Plenary 3, Heart Failure, Keep it Pumping, Professor Kenneth McDonald

Plenary 4: What Would I Do: Clinical Conundrums

Plenary 4, I have a Rash – Dermatology in the AMU, Dr Susannah Hoey


Parallel Session 2.2: Multiprofessional: Education and Development

2.2, Interprofessional Education, Anthropology into Action, Dr Mark Holland

2.2, Clinical Systems Leadership, Professor Kim Manley

2.2, Developing Roles, Skills and Competencies of Nurses in Irish AMUs, Avilene Casey and Richard Walsh

2.2, National Therapy Competencies in AMU, Sarah Smith

Parallel Session 3.2: Multiprofessional: Developing People and Services

3.2, A navigable route to advancement, Liz Deutsch

3.2, Becoming an Advanced Nurse Practitioner in Ireland, Emily Bury

3.2, Advanced Roles, Competencies and Standardisation of Practice, Ian Setchfield & Amanda Hyman

Parallel Session 4.1: Things to Help you in the AMU

4.1, Managing Acute Frailty, Deborah Thompson

4.1, Robots in HDU, Dr John Harty

Parallel Session 4.2: Multiprofessional: Managing High Acuity on an AMU

4.2, Level 2 on an AMU, Vicky Mummery, Siobhan Burke & Katie Warmington

4.2, CCOT Support in Acute Medicine, Is there a need, Alison Dinning



Sunrise Sessions

Sunrise, Developing Rota’s for a 7 Day Service on the AMU, Dr Chris Roseveare & Dr Stephen Gulliford

Sunrise, Working less than Full-time on the AMU, Advantages and Disadvantages, Dr Fiona O’Kane

Plenary 5: Inarticulate Speech: Handling Medico-Legal Issues in the AMU

Plenary 5, I’m being Sued, Swimming with Sharks, Clare Bates

Plenary 5, I’ve had a Complaint, Dr Rhona Siegmeth

Plenary 5, I need to make a Press Statement, Matt Watts

Plenary 6: Did Ya Get Healed: Making Sense of Therapeutic Advances

Plenary 6, Novel Oral Anticoagulants, Dr Gary Benson

Plenary 6, New Antibiotics, Efficacy, Indications and Economics, Dr Michael Hunter

Plenary 6, Legal Highs, Ilicit Drugs, Dr Michael Trimble

Plenary 7: Carrying a Torch/Enlightenment

Plenary 7, Trojan Horse, Dr Michael McBride

Plenary 7, Maintaining resilience, effectiveness & compassion in the ED: Lessons from the front line! Dr Taj Hassan

Parallel Session 5.2: Multiprofessional: New Ways of Working

5.2, Direct access to AMU, Catriona Harkin

5.2, Predicting and managing high mortality, Debbie Higgs

5.2, Analysis of National EWS Implementation at St James’s Hospital, Dr Rachel Kidney & Dr Katherine Gavin

5.2, Crisis Checklist, An International Collaborative, Eilish Croke & Tracy Savijn


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