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Audit and Quality Improvement Posters

AQI 2: A 9 month activity review of (AMU) at Blackpool Victoria Hospital using an electronic patient tracking system

AQI 3:A Review of Acute Care Quality, Mortality Factors and Role of Electronic Patient Tracker on Acute Medical Unit Blackpool Victoria Hospital

AQI 5: Acute Medicine Consultant led GP triage reduces hospital admissions and increases the productivity of medical clerking teams

AQI 7: Can age stratified D-dimers reduce the number of false positive results in comparison to traditional d-dimer testing in patients aged over 50 suspected of PE?

AQI 12: Diagnosis and management of deep vein thrombosis: a multidisciplinary re-audit of guideline compliance and development of a novel improvement initiative

AQI 20: Improving the Management of Sepsis using the Sepsis Six bundle

AQI 23: Management of papilloedema in the AMU

AQI 35: Surviving Sepsis: A Quality Improvement Project

AQI 37: The development and implementation of care pathway for improving contrast induced acute kidney injury prevention on acute medical wards

Case Report Posters

CR 2: An uncommon cause of spontaneous pneumomediastinum and subcutaneous emphysema in an adult

CR 5: An Unusual Cause of Haemoptysis in Pregnancy

CR 11: Odd Neurology – An Atypical Thunderclap Headache

CR 18: Would you thrombolyse this 97 year old?

Education Posters

E 1: Designing a poster: ABG’s: Can you interpret me?

E 7: Swallow assessment please;  Speech and Language Therapy (SLT) management of oropharyngeal dysphagia in the AMU

Research Posters

R 2: An overview of empyema in Blackpool (2015)

R 7: How accurate are we at predicting Estimated Date for Discharge?

R 9: Pharmacostability of Plasmalyte 148 and Plasmalyte 148 + 5% Dextrose With Commonly Used Infused Therapeutic Agents

R 14: The impact of clinical pharmacists charting unintentionally omitted medicines on the number of missed doses in an acute medical ward

Service Organisation and Design Posters

SOD 2: A Patient Story: Qualitative Evidence for the Role of Advanced Nurse Practitioners as a Consistent Workforce in Acute Medicine

SOD 3: Can an Inter-Disciplinary Initiative Reduce Harm and Admission Rates in Frequent Attenders to Hospital?

SOD 4: Evaluation of a newly established Ambulatory Cardiology Unit and the impact on acute cardiology admissions within the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust

SOD 7: Proof of concept – can the addition of an acute physician improve stroke thrombolysis performance?

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