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SAM Cardiff Posters

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Audit & Quality Improvement Posters

AQI 6 Chest Pain – An Ambulatory Emergency Care Pathway

AQI 8 Clinical Coding: No Coding = No income = No hospital

AQI 10 Consenting for Lumbar Puncture using a Standardised Local Procedural Consent Form; A Quality Improvement Project

AQI 12 Follow up of Unprovoked Pulmonary Embolus at Wirral University Hospital

AQI 13 GP to Antibiotics: Delays in Septic Patients’ Journeys

AQI 18 Improving Acute Management of Patients with Decompensated Liver Cirrhosis in First 24 Hours by Introducing a Cirrhosis Care bundle

AQI 27 Improving the Medical Post-take Ward Round with a Structured Pro-forma at Princess of Wales Hospital

AQI 30 Innovative Practice – A Commissioned Service to Deliver Service: Routine HIV Screening within the AMU

AQI 31 LACE Index Tool to Predict Admission in MAU

AQI 37 Outcome of Patients Highlighted with Frailty Admitted to the AMU in Blackpool Victoria Hospital

AQI 38 Plans for the weekend? Ensuring all Patients in an Acute Respiratory Unit have Comprehensive Documented Weekend Plans: A Quality Improvement Project

AQI 43 Short Term Antibiotic Therapy (STAT) for Cellulitis

Case Report Posters

CR 1 A Case of Lead Poisoning

CR 3 Acute Infectious Purpura Fulminans in Adults Secondary to Streptococcus Pneumoniae

CR 5 Atrial Myxoma Presenting as Atypical Chest Pain and Breathlessness

CR 6 Can Acute Stroke Mimic Transient Global Amnesia? To Drive or not to Drive

CR 5 The ‘Hummingbird’ and ‘Mickey Mouse’ Signs. An Unusual Case of Falls Presenting to the AMU

Education Posters

E 1 Creating Change: Improvement in Procedural Skills Training and Confidence for Core Medical Trainees in East Midlands South

E 2 Innovative Online Medical Education Videos – A New Tool for Medical Education?

E 3 Meeting the Learning Needs of Registered Nurses Caring for Acute Medical Patients within an Acute Hospital Setting

E 5 The True Cost of the Special Skill

Research Posters

R 1 A Comparison of NICE’s Sepsis Risk Stratification Tool with Established and Novel Risk Stratification Tools

R 7 First Illness Severity Scores in AMUs, for COPD Admissions, are not Representative of Emergency Department Triage Scores

Service Organisation & Design Posters

SOD 1 A District General’s Experience of Developing an Ambulatory Pleural Clinic

SOD 2 A Survey to Explore GP Perceptions of an AMU; Are we Meeting Expectations?

SOD 3 Admissions and Outcomes on an Acute Dependency Unit: An Observational Study

SOD 5 General Internalists Contribution to Acute Medicine: A Survey at Sandwell & West Birmingham Hospitals

SOD 9 Rota re-design: A Success Story. The Impact of Medical Staffing Change on Acute Medicine at a District General Hospital

SOD 10 Smarter and Safer Handover

SOD 11 The Introduction of ‘NEWS plus’ – Clinical Triggers for GP Admissions in an AMU

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