‘Performance data shows dire state of affairs’ – SAM president

Following the release today (09 September 2021) of the latest NHS performance data, Dr Susan Crossland, president of the Society for Acute Medicine, said: “Despite the distractions of funding announcements this week, this data shows the dire state of affairs we are in well before we embark on the challenges of winter. 

“These targets were being missed long before the pandemic despite consistent reminders of the developing problems and possible solutions on offer. 

“Given these facts, and that money has been thrown at various aspects of the NHS but made little difference, it doesn’t fill anyone will confidence that things will be any different this time. 

“It is also time everyone turned attention to the realities of the grave situation we are going to encounter in the winter months and try in some way to find interim solutions that will help see us through until the proper system overhaul that is needed can be delivered.”