“Teaching must not be relegated down the list of priorities”, says SAM President


“Teaching must not be relegated down the list of priorities”, says SAM President.

The fifth in the RPCL’s Acute Care Toolkit series provides an invaluable guide to enable staff to find the right balance between teaching and delivering high quality care for patients on the Acute medical units (AMU). The Society for Acute Medicine (SAM) supports the recommendations contained in this toolkit and recommends their adoption by all acute medical units across the UK.

Dr Chris Roseveare, Society for Acute Medicine President said: “Acute medical units provide fantastic learning opportunities for all healthcare professionals. However, the staff are invariably under huge pressure to provide rapid assessment and treatment for the large numbers of patients arriving on the AMU on a daily basis. Teaching must not be relegated to the bottom of the list of priorities; if this happens, such opportunities will be lost. Providing a high quality acute care service for patients and a high quality education for the next generation of healthcare professionals must go hand in hand. This toolkit provides a major step forward in achieving the correct balance between these two vital areas of our practice”.


Notes to the editors:

  • Acute medicine (also known as acute internal medicine) is the specialty which deals with the immediate and early treatment of adult patients with a variety of medical conditions who present in hospital as emergencies.
  • The Society for Acute Medicine is the national representative body for the speciality of acute medicine and represents over a thousand members.
  • Dr Roseveare has been an acute medical consultant in a large teaching hospital since 1999.
  • The full document is available on the RCP website.


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