Staffing central to success of NHS as a whole – SAM President

Commenting on a Sky News interview regarding staffing and cancer outcomes with NHS chief executive Simon Stevens, Dr Nick Scriven, president of the Society for Acute Medicine, said:

“NHS staffing is central to the success of the service and its ability to cope as a whole, not just in specific areas.

“There remains an NHS-wide workforce crisis and everyone acknowledges the desperate need for change.

“A critical objective must be to improve the working environment for our staff to enhance recruitment and maintain retention.

“We need to make substantive posts as attractive as locum positions, a move which would enhance our service and save money.

“We also need more beds, with the NHS 4,000 short during the last winter crisis and wards are closed up and down the country.

“The long-term ambition must be to proactively have these open with staff trained appropriately and working in areas of care they are used to.”

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