Senior medic “implores” government to conduct and publish full winter crisis proposals

Following today‘s release of the latest NHS performance data, Dr Susan Crossland, president of the Society for Acute Medicine, said:

“As we have seen for months now, the data shows the NHS is struggling hugely despite the drop in elective (planned) work and we are now seeing increased pressures with admissions creeping up and the isolation of suspected cases.

“The reduction in acute beds is a major concern for us; we cannot allow corridor care to return and, therefore, again urge a focus on the advantages of same day emergency care to allow rapid assessment and treatment of patients without needing admission.

“This winter is going to be more challenging than ever before and, while we need to push the importance of social distancing for all, we implore the government to conduct and publish full winter crisis planning proposals which include investment into staffing and estates to cope.”

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