SAM president says ‘worrying’ report shows need for system-wide change

In response to a report released today by NHS Providers on the outlook for the NHS over the next year, Dr Nick Scriven, president of the Society for Acute Medicine, said:

“This is a very worrying report which comes a day after the Department of Health and Social Care announced millions of pounds of grants for various hospitals projects and days after proposing pay rises for non-medical staff.

“The gloomy nature reflects the feeling on the ground that without major system-wide change nothing will improve in the acute care of our frailest patients.

“The warning that meeting the A&E performance target looks impossible is particularly concerning as this is when people are at their most vulnerable.

“While funding is important in helping to address some of the issues facing the future of the health service, it will not solve the systemic problems that exist, with much greater focus needed on involving frontline clinicians in decision-making.

“We again call for government to liaise urgently with frontline clinicians and work together to try to avert the disaster that NHS Providers is foreseeing.”

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