SAM president highlights ‘concern’ over High Court judgement

Following the decision of the General Medical Council to take its own tribunal’s decision to suspend Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba to the High Court to be quashed, Dr Nick Scriven, president of the Society for Acute Medicine, said:

“Along with a vast number of people associated with healthcare, we as a society have been following the repercussions of the tragic case of JA.

“Our foremost concern is patient safety in our acute medical units. As with most commentators we have noted with concern the latest judgement resulting in the doctor being erased from the register along with the nurse involved, while the employing organisation, despite many systematic errors, seems to have escaped public or professional censure – with both healthcare workers in effect being scapegoated.

“We have read and fully agree with and endorse the statement from Professor Dacre and the Royal College of Physicians of London, along with the concerns she raises.

“We reiterate the advice to all those working in healthcare to demonstrably escalate safety concerns to more senior doctors and managers but fully recognise the immense difficulties and stresses a large number of people are working under.

“We have noted the update from the chief executive of the GMC and echo the advice given on how/where to escalate concerns.

“As an organisation we will continue to support all staff working in frontline medical units who are going beyond ‘the norm’ on a daily basis in efforts to keep patients safe despite enormous pressure on the entire health care system.”

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