SAM president calls on Parliament to ask ‘robust questions’

Commenting on today’s release of NHS performance data for the month of September, Dr Mark Holland, president of the Society for Acute Medicine, said:

“Performance data for September again shows things are worse and the feedback from clinicians on the ground is that we are all struggling much earlier than in previous years.

“At what point is Parliament actually going to stand up and ask robust questions of the government about solving this problem?

“Those of us working at the coalface are going to hit crisis point this winter on the scale of a national emergency and I call on the opposition and health select committee to act as a matter of urgency and hold the government to account.

“We currently find ourselves in the absurd position of having a government that wants to over seven-day working to reduce weekend mortality but have a system that can’t cope the rest of the time.

“We already have winter problem where we see an increase in deaths at this time of year and the concern is that we are faced with a system increasingly unable to cope which could result in a rise in avoidable deaths in hospitals.”

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