Weekly Newsround

In the news this week…6th of September till 14th September 2014


Acute coronary syndromes. (NICE, 11.09.14)

Time to tackle ‘exit block’ in A&E units. (Hospital Dr, 10.09.14)

Public health funding allocations for 2015 to 2016 announced. (GOV, 09.09.14)

Healthcare funds distribution unfair, audit finds. (The Guardian, 11.09.14)

Weekend staff shortages are the fatal flaw at the heart of the NHS. (The Guardian, 08.09.14)

Other News in Brief…

Thousands march in pro-NHS rally in London. (Telegraph, 07.09.14)

NHS privatisation: it isn’t a black and white issue. (The Guardian, 09.09.14)

NHS chief brands GP recruitment strategy ‘crazy’. (Pulse Today, 05.09.14)

What is the NHS there for? (BBC, 10.09.14)

More than 500 GP practices have closed in last five years, ‘stark’ Government figures reveal. (Pulse Today, 11.09.14)

Coalition of health bodies demands MPs set out NHS vision. (Hospital Dr, 11.09.14)

Care pathways. (National Health Executive, 10.09.14)

Mental health. (National Health Executive, 09.09.14)

Private health providers facing NHS challenges. (Hospital Dr, 08.09.14)

Dozens quit amid Stafford Hospital staff crisis. (Express and Star, 08.09.14)


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