Introducing Timely Discharge from Hospital, the new book from Liz Lees

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‘It’s a massive topic that spans the whole health service. There is so much great work being done out there in the NHS, but generally people don’t write it up unless you give them a chance. And when you do it is absolutely inspirational.’

Liz Lees, 2011

Timely Discharge from Hospital is packed full of information, case examples and practical tips from a range of healthcare professionals from every nation in the UK. Their huge diversity of experience will appeal to staff from primary to secondary to community care, it will interest nurses, doctors, therapists, indeed, anyone involved in patient care.

Liz says: ‘It is a very practical book so it will appeal to operational staff. It is a vehicle to showcase and share pockets of excellence around the UK.’

While Liz’s first book was aimed at nurses this is very much a multi-disciplinary text, there are chapters written by doctors and nurses and perspectives from a pharmacist, an occupational therapist, a social worker and from the PALs team.

Liz believes discharge planning is vital to every clinical department in the NHS. She says: ‘Discharge planning is one of the most important aspects of policy facing the NHS today. Successful discharge planning can reduce length of stay, improve patient care and reduce readmissions, not to mention have a positive effect on a Trust’s budget.’

About 50 per cent of the book is dedicated to a range of case examples, stories that are told in the hope of advancing practical changes that will improve the patient experience. They range from a district nurse case focusing on the issues of communication and transfer problems to a case which features the safeguarding older of adults.

Liz says: ‘Each example is firmly grounded in a clinical practice offering vignettes and practical tips as situation based learning. They illuminate the reality of practice issues but attempt deal with them in a constructive way.’

Timely Discharge from Hospital will be published in October by M&K.

Notes for editors

  • Liz Lees is available for interview.
  • Photographs of the author are available.
  • Liz Lees is Consultant Nurse and Clinical Dean at Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham.
  • She has worked as a nurse for 23 years, and gained extensive experience in a range specialties including community setting and latterly for 9 years in acute medicine.
  • Liz has written three other publications on discharge planning, her first book Nurse Facilitated Discharge was published in 2007. She co-authored the Assisting Timely Discharge Multi-Professional Toolkit with the UK’s Department of Health and was on the national steering group for the Irish Discharge Standards (HSE).
  • She is the Nurse Representative for the Society for Acute Medicine.
  • The Society of Acute Medicine is the representative body for the specialty of acute medicine.


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