Flu vaccine “an extremely important part” of winter plans

The House of Commons’ Science and Technology Select Committee has released its report into the flu vaccination programme in England following a review earlier this year.

The Society for Acute Medicine would like to thank the Science and Technology Select Committee for seeking our expert opinion in this review.

We agree with the finding that leads them to question the extremely low uptake in social care workers and a large variability in hospital staff uptake of the vaccine.

We agree that the flu vaccine is an extremely important part of annual winter plans and, as such, any initiative that improves vaccination rates in those at risk and those caring for the at risk needs promoting.

As it stands today we do not know the impact influenza will have on us this year but we need to prepare as though it will be as widespread as last year, both with the vaccination programme but also making adequate provision in hospitals for the increase in attendances and admissions we expect to see over the next four months.

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