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SAMBA 2020- Organisation and Care Delivery Questionnaire

SAMBA 2020


SAMBA 2020 is now open!

This year, the Organisation and Care Delivery questionnaire will be undertaken separately from the patient data collection.

The Organisation and Care Delivery questionnaire is themed around COVID practice, and available via the database.

Data can be uploaded to the Organisation and Care Delivery questionnaire until 15th October 2020.

If you took part in SAMBA19 or Winter SAMBA 2020, you do not need to re-register – just log in to the database with the details you used for SAMBA19/Winter SAMBA. If needed, you can add additional users – see the How to guide here.

If you haven’t taken part previously, please contact us at samba@acutemedicine.org.uk and we will send you instructions.


A Caldicott Approval form is not needed for the Organisation and Care Delivery questionnaire.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at samba@acutemedicine.org.uk


Further updates about the patient data collection will be given over the next few weeks.


Thank you for taking part!


Database resources

If you need a new password to the database, please go to: https://data.casecapture.com/account/Login

Follow the link ‘Need to set your password or forgotten your password? click here’

Your username is your email address. Follow the instructions to reset your password.

Administrators: How to add a user to the SAMBA database.

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